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Customize your myspace Friend List!

Select your Friends, don’t let myspace choose it for you!

  • With this Gen, you can choose the picture of your friend
  • Your friend’s name (name it whatever you want)
  • Change the phrase “You have 752 Friends” to something like “You have 752 Lovers” or anything you want!

  • Display    rows of    friends.

      Show title
      Show amount of friends text
      Show a “View All Friends” link?
      Show the names of your friends above the pictures?
      Show the “Online Now” indicator?
      Show a “View/Edit All Comments” link?
      Scroll Comments
      Hide all of your comments? (this will hide your calendar too)
      Make friend space centered on your profile?
      Make only the comments centered?
      Shrink larger photos to 90px in width?
      Remove Pictures Borders?
      Squeeze your friends together?
    Title Text:
    Text :
    Align : Left  Center  Right 
    Amount of friends Text:
    Text : Left  Center  Right 
    View all friends text/link:
    Text :
    URL :
    Align : Left  Center  Right 
    View/Edit all comments text/link:
    Text :
    URL :
    Color: # (Leave blank for default myspace color)
    Align : Left  Center  Right 
    Choose your friends by clicking on the pictures below…
    My friend Space
    I have 100 friends.