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Add HOT! Effects to your myspace page!

Wonder how to make falling objects like Matrix, Image slideshow, Cool Effects to impress your friends are here!
Here how to Customize your mySpace with Falling FX symbols!:
  • First Off Pick an effect to use.
  • Click “Get mySpace FX Code!” and your code should generate
  • Copy and Paste it into your myspace in the About Me section.
  • None
    Get More Colors! (Tons!)

    Choose the Matrix Falling Effect and the FX color you like from below:

    Choose Falling Effects color:

    OR type in your text:
    NOTE: put space between each letter will make it look better
    Marquee Images Slideshow Generator

    Image URLs (1 in each field)
    Add More
    Moving Lines Generator

    Vertical Line 1: This line off
    Vertical Line 2: This line Off
    Vertical Line 3: This line Off

    Horizontal Line 1: This line Off
    Horizontal Line 2: This line Off
    Horizontal Line 3: This line Off

    Line Width: