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HTmate MySpace Interest Code Generator was created to generate HTML code that has a list of your favorites and interests to post in your website’s HTML, your MySpace HTML or your blog HTML. You can change any of the text boxes listed to whatever you want – after all, its your list!!! The best part is, if you have already edited your site’s CSS code, that CSS code will dictate what your table looks like. The CSS code actually makes your table fit into the page’s look! All you have to do is:

  • Change the values to whatever you want.
  • Generate the HTML code for your website by using the “Generate Code for Your Site” button.
  • Copy the HTML code to your clipboard and paste it on your website’s HTML, MySpace Profile HTML, or blog HTML.
  • If you have MySpace, you can automatically insert your favorites list into the “Interests” section of your profile!

The HTML code generated is valid on any HTML enabled website – this includes MySpace! The table that your code generates will automatically adhere to the look of your site, any profile CSS changes you make to your profile will apply to your table, as long as the tags are generated in the CSS. Tell all your friends about this MySpace HTML code generator. Come back frequently – we’ll be adding more HTML code features for MySpace soon!


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